Two tone modern kitchen remodel from Sollera, designed by MTKC.
This photo album below features a full set of before and after pictures of the kitchen remodel. In this project, we had shifted the front entrance from the foyer to the center of the kitchen wall.  This allowed for a set of full depth cabinets (24″) on both sides of the room.  Further, we have...
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Custom color cabinets from Benjamin Moore by Sollera. Designed by MTKC.
Ever wanted to be different?  This customer (name kept private, let’s call her Stacey) certainly did.  This project was done in Fremont, CA, and Stacey here told me she wanted a set of green cabinets.  While all three of my product lines had a couple options of green, none of them had the exact shade...
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Floating vanity cabinet from Sollera, designed by MTKC.
Here’s a touch of modern with a floating vanity from Sollera Cabinets.  Our customer (name kept private, let’s call him Lance) Lance wanted something decently sleek looking to go with the beautiful tile color scheme in the shower, and this espresso colored, Hartford (shaker door) maple cabinet seems to do the job. The cabinets are...
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Painted inset cabinets from Plato Woodwork, by MTKC.
White painted cabinets are in, there’s no doubt about that.  Just open any magazine, or look on and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of photos to support that statement.  The inset construction though, to me it adds another layer of sophistication that is uncommon with the average price point vendors. Traditional American cabinets are...
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Natural walnut kitchen cabinets from Sollera, designed by MTKC.
Late in 2011, Sollera added walnut as part of their product offerings, and it has been very well received.  Walnut can be very versatile for designs.  Back when we had a showroom, we would receive many compliments on our walnut two tone display.  Walnut on its own though, has its own elegance, and here we...
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