MTKC Services

Design Service

MTKC is a cabinet design firm serving the San Francisco Bay Area.  At MTKC, we help customers understand the full scope of their project, from visualization, product selection, to hiring contractors for implementation.

MTKC will provide an initial ball park estimate based on client supplied floor plan.  After reviewing the “good, better, best” scenarios, clients can choose to hire MTKC one of two ways:

  • Option 1) $1,000 dollars for 10 hours* of design and consultation time.  This includes time for in home visit, measurements and consultation.  This is a design only service, and does not apply towards the cabinet order.  This option is most useful for customers who need to see many versions of their floor plans, and these customers will likely purchase multiple sets of 10 hours.
  • Option 2) $2,000 dollars for the same 10 hours of design and consultation.  This deposit will apply towards the cabinet order.  This is useful for customers who are more certain about their design, and only need some minor fine tuning before they order cabinets.  This option allows for customers to work towards their cabinet order** without having to pay for the solely for design.

*note – 10 hours is usually good for one full set of kitchen cabinet plans, or two to three basic revisions. This is a generalization based on standard cabinets with a typical size space, and does not refer to fully custom products on an extensively complicated house floor plans.
**note – a payment of 50% or more is still necessary for cabinet ordering.

Project Coordination

MTKC realizes that not every home owner is an expert in remodeling, nor do they always have the right people in the network to carry out the project.  If necessary, we can introduce the appropriate parties during the planning phase of the project.  Examples of such parties would be: general contractors, structural engineers, countertop, tile, and appliance retailers.  Once everything is lined up, we would then hand the project over to the contractor for the execution.

For more information, please see our blog post “typical work flow procedure“.

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