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NFF Tree planting with a piece of burnt wood in the background

Our Climate Pledge

Year 2020 has been a call to action in many ways.  Among them, the wildfires of 2020 left many of us living in smoked filled air for weeks.  As a business owner, I have always wanted to do more when situation permits.  When I learned about the National Forest Foundation, I thought it was a great opportunity to give back. Especially as someone who sells wood products, I find it fitting that my company should contribute back into the cycle by planting trees. With that, I would like to introduce our new initiative from Dec 2020.

A pledge from us: For year 2020, we tallied up our orders, and planted 50 trees per order. For orders $10,000 or more, we upped the commitment to 100 trees. As a result, thousands of trees have been planted because our customers chose to work with us in 2020. Going forward, we will continue to do this every 6 months.

Instead of physically planting the trees ourselves, MTKC has joined the Small Business Partner program with the National Forest Foundation. For every dollar we give to the NFF, they will be planting a tree in our forests in need.  For more information about NFF, please see the resources below. 

– Eric Au


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MTKC plants 50 trees for every cabinet order, and 100 trees for all orders $10,000 and above.