Custom Color Paints!

Custom color cabinets from Benjamin Moore by Sollera. Designed by MTKC.

Ever wanted to be different?  This customer (name kept private, let’s call her Stacey) certainly did.  This project was done in Fremont, CA, and Stacey here told me she wanted a set of green cabinets.  While all three of my product lines had a couple options of green, none of them had the exact shade of green Stacey wanted.

Hmm, dilemma you say?  Well not exactly.  Both Sollera Cabinets and Plato Woodwork offer a custom color program.  While Plato’s offering is more extensive and customers are able to send in samples to the factory for a match, Sollera offers the ability for owners to pick certain lines of paint from Benjamin Moore.

For this project, Stacey selected the Raindance color (BM#1572) from Benjamin Moore, and Sollera built it.  (Make sure you see album 36 on our flickr page to see the full before/after transformation!)

Customers who are interested should know that custom colors require additional lead time. Typically, we would ask the vendor to create a custom sample (for a fee). This generally takes 2-3 weeks depending on schedules. Upon your approval of the color, the order can then go through the regular production queue. The rest of the order is the same as a regular order.

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