Wall Mount Vanity

Floating vanity cabinet from Sollera, designed by MTKC.

Here’s a touch of modern with a floating vanity from Sollera Cabinets.  Our customer (name kept private, let’s call him Lance) Lance wanted something decently sleek looking to go with the beautiful tile color scheme in the shower, and this espresso colored, Hartford (shaker door) maple cabinet seems to do the job.

The cabinets are essentially just shorter base cabinets with full height doors, and we voided the toe kick section.  That’s the easy part.  The important part is recognize now that the cabinet is not sitting on the floor on its toe kick, how will we secure it?

We generally suggest some metal L-brackets underneath the cabinet boxes in the back wall, so it can serve as a sturdy support for the cabinets, while being out of sight unless you were on your hands and knees.

Another success, wouldn’t you say? =)

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