Wood cabinet fillers and why use them?

This video discusses the importance of wood cabinet fillers. What are they, why use them, and why they are important. Fillers are not only used in stock kitchen cabinet designs, but are also needed for custom cabinets, too!

This video shows 2 examples of how corner fillers are used in a blind corner cabinet against a sink base cabinet, and a blind corner cabinet against a dishwasher, and why operational clearances are so important! By using wood fillers, we can help make sure doors open correctly without getting stuck.

For our other video on “Quick look at how filler and filler overlays are installed”: https://youtu.be/KUJLl1DWKLE

For our other video on the “Magic Corner hardware”: https://youtu.be/EGbAiyRFntA

Photoshoot of this kitchen can be seen on Flickr and on Houzz.
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mtkc/albums/72157712549907931
Houzz: https://www.houzz.com/hznb/projects/proj-41-tuxedo-kitchen-before-and-after-pj-vj~6012444

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