Neolith vs Screwdriver? Yea… Neolith wins

Check out my video footage at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show of Travis’ demo. Neolith counters melting a screwdriver @ KBIS 2018 demo.


Ever get curious what’d happen to your countertop if you stab it with a screwdriver?  Well DON’T TRY IT AT HOME!  Because you’d probably break your countertop, AND because Travis at Neolith has already tried it for us on HIS countertop!  Results?  Neolith 1 : Screwdriver 0.  Amazing huh?  Watch the video for the demo.

Here is Neolith’s website:


Disclaimer – I don’t sell this product, and I’m not promoting that you try this on your own Neolith countertop.  If your countertop breaks, it’s not my fault.  Who needs a kitchen countertop to do that anyway? =)  It’s not a work bench!! =)